Alice Dudgeon is a British sculptor based in Leith, Edinburgh. 

Repeated acts of physical labour underpin her practice. Through meticulous processes, materials are worked to their limits to form skeletal structures and objects which pay homage to both natural phenomena and ancient practices.

Recent awards - 

The New Contemporaries award, Royal Scottish Academy, June 2018

FEUVA award for sculpture, June 2018

Recent press: 

1. THE SKINNY Magazine - 'New Blood' The Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries, 2019  

2. The Scotsman - 'ECA Art Review', 2018

3. THE SKINNY Magazine - 'Betraying Expectations: ECA Degree Show', 2018;

'In the same room, there’s the work of Alice Dudgeon, which operates in a sculptural language of handcrafted elegance and large scale ambition. The structure itself is a skeletal pine circle of skinny posts that spread out slightly as they go towards the ceiling. In the large room, the light passes through it, its presence not obstructive, instead opening out the space as it draws the eye upward (and across the amazing views of these studios); it’s a quietly uplifting experience.' 

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